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Make a Jeopardy!

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This is where I keep my dumb little HTML "doodles". Most are unfinished and probably never will be.

> Combiner: This game is pretty much a little alchemy clone, but I put my own spin on it. [UNFINISHED]

> Which Came First?: Yet another cookie clicker clone, enjoy! [UNFINISHED]

> Physics Sim: I whipped this up after my history mid-term. It's rough, but it gets the job done. "What job is that?" you may ask; I don't know myself.

> Shape Editor: It looks pretty simmilar to the physics sim. I think it's pretty fun. [UNFINISHED]

> : Give this button a click!

> Oooo: It fills the screen with O's.

> The Button: Click it, if you DARE!.

> : When this number reaches zero, you are free. It counts down the milliseconds until the very end of the last day of school! Yes, it will be negative this summer. Click here for a better view.

> Love "Calculator": This is just a glorified random number generator

> Pet Rock Simulator: It's... a pet rock.

Here are other cool Internet things

> Lacie's Chiptune Tracks: Cool bro Lacie makes yummy little songs. Check it out, if she's renewed the site yet...

> Gary C's Site: He's a cool dude that has a similar goal as myself, but a way worse looking website. But, his little experiments are way better than mine.

> Pointless Sites: This is a good way of finding dumb little websites that you wouldn't see otherwise.

> Murder Games: From the same guy who brought the world "Cookie Clicker", I present "Murder Games"! A bit of a random hunger games simulator. Add anyone you want!

My Dad makes cool comics! Some are pretty vulgar, so beware!

The series is calles Forever Parker. It details the exploits of my extended family and friends.

There are more to come! Tune in weekly for another load!

If the comic doesn't change after you press an arrow, it's just loading. Don't freak out

By Todd Parker
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